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These 5 new base colors may have been the most work of all, because how difficult is it to find the perfect color? For example, check in your own home how decisive the color tone is on the wall. We respond to the trend and with these new basic colors we have created a perfect addition to the current collection.


Marsala - Red
Especially this autumn a very beautiful color, which we see a lot in the accessories in the house, cushions on the sofa, vases on the table.

This trend color can no longer be ignored in our interior, but just like our products in the rust color, it is very difficult to find a nice balance here. A color that may be combined with most colors!

Seiheki – Green
A color that we see a lot in children's items at the moment. A challenge for us to create the perfect shade that goes with everything, and we succeeded!

Mocha – Dark
A basic color that should not be missed, and a fact, this is the dark circle from our bestseller (the rainbow mocha floor mat), making it perfect to combine with the old collection.

Powder Blush
A softer shade, which can be combined with many other colors, with a hint of romance.





Of course, all prints have been carefully thought out, and we wanted to create prints that could be combined with both the old collection and the basic colors. This collection of new prints is even more focused on the trend in the interior like never before!



Beni – Ecru
A popular item for the home, with a touch of Eeveve, clean lines, but not quite! As a result of which a tight material still comes across to a beautiful carpet look.

Modern Blocks – Desert Sand
A modern print is always good, but with a touch of the present: sand tones

Dots – Cinnamon
Because dots never hurt, and they go with everything!

Rainbow – Taupe
This new print could not be missed. An extra color addition to the bestseller of the moment: The rainbow mocha, now in taupe!

Retro Bow – Brown
Because we are very enthusiastic about this, all trends combined in the style of Eeveve! Retro in the style of today.

Stars – Almond
Since the floor mats are often also placed in the bedrooms / playrooms of the children for decoration, we thought it was time for a playful but stylish print.

Stars – Copper Rosé
This design also comes in two colors, almond & copper rosé

Dotted – Autumn Gold
A touch of gold, but in Eeveve style, what do you think?

Fir branch – Cenereous
Christmas edition! Stylish, but in a Christmas atmosphere! A floor mat for under the Christmas tree! Decorative, but also with a function! The needles of the tree, watering the tree, you name it! And we admit, not only beautiful for Christmas.