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‘When practical supplies for kids
are an addition to your interior’




Eeveve products are versatile and protect your interior in a stylish way. During the first years, your child goes on an adventures and beautiful journey of discovery. In this phase, you want to worry less and enjoy more. The products of Eeveve contribute to this!

When your child is discovering its first meals besides tasting, it also want to discover other food properties --food as a hat or how long it takes to reach your precious floor. When you child is sitting upright for the first time, it’s great if your floor is softened a bit. Eeveve wants you to relax and to give you child some opportunity to experiment, discover and play.





Eeveve was founded in 2019 by a Dutch family who wanted to protect the interior in a stylish way from all the adventures of the little girl. This unfulfilled need sometimes gives rise to the best ideas. Eeveve was founded, named after little Evelyn (Eve).

What started out as a floor mat for under a high chair, quickly expanded into a complete range of products within a few months! Every place in the house was thought of.






We strive for the best quality, so that the products last a long time! Driven by passion, the family business comes to life by creating the designs and choosing the right contemporary colors. Everyone has their own talent within the company, so we can make all our dreams come true for you!

We think about nature and the traces we leave behind; the next generations should be able to enjoy life to the fullest. That’s why we besides making products that help them discover, also products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The packaging we use is recyclable and the products are not harmful.


‘Adventures have no limits to discover,
and enjoy time as it should be’


with love,
The Eeveve family.