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Stains such as food, crayons, water pencil and pencil are easy to remove with water and mild soap. (Dishwashing liquid, for example, is no problem at all)
Make sure the surface is clean and level before laying the mat on the floor. If dirt gets under the mat and you slide over it with a chair, the print on the top layer will be damaged. Anything you put on the mat should not be sharp. Make sure that those items that slide over the mat are protected at the bottom.
Underfloor heating is no problem for your floor or the floor mat.
Yes it can, but take the following into account: do you have a coated or varnished floor? If so, make sure it contains solvents that are released from the floor. As an example: solvent Solvent. Solvent can soften the mat and floor by constantly releasing the solvent, causing damage.
- If the floor mat is not rolled up loosely in a corner, the mat will crease and it will take a long time for the mat to become smooth again. If it does: lay the mat in the sun for a while on a flat surface. The heat will make the mat flatter more quickly. - Watch out by sliding the chair up and along the edge of the mat, this can damage the print more quickly. - Do not use the mat under an office chair with castors. - Try to clean it with the sanding side of the sponge. - Use coarse cleaning agents.
It works the same as a carpet, when you place the products on a flat surface for 1 day, then they are nicely flat. If you also store the products on a flat surface, it will keep its shape.
The luxury packaging of Eeveve is designed to safely store your items! Easy to carry!
The floor mats can be stored in the tube. They can only be stored in a standing position if the storage set is complete and the inner tube has been used to roll the mat around. To preserve the mat, it is always better to store the mat in a lying position.


The products can handle a heat of 110 degrees Celsius. A preheated plate from the oven is no problem.


Use a damp cloth or sponge with a mild soap and water*. * Make sure the puzzle mat is dry on both sides before you put it back on the floor. Do this with a towel or let the mat dry in the air. Otherwise there is a risk of fading or mould forming on the mat and floor. Avoid heavy detergents. Many baby wipes also contain alcohol and the material cannot withstand this.
Heavy items such as furniture can leave a permanent indentation on the mat.
- Not suitable for animals (because of there sharp nails),chairs, or other sharp objects. This can damage the mat. - Avoid direct sunlight. Long sun exposure will damage the design.
We do not recommend using the mat outdoors as the rough surface may damage it and sunlight may cause the print to fade.
The puzzle mat is best laid out on a flat surface. If the surface is uneven, the teeth connecting of the mat may not fit together properly.
Yes, and can be used from 0+ months!
Made of high-quality EVA foam. Non-toxic, free of formamide. Easy to clean Non-slip Soft and cushioning Allergy-friendly surface The Eeveve play mats are CE-certified, European EN71 Standarts and R.E.A.C.H. approved.
The play mats have a size of 180x120cm with a thickness of 12mm. The tiles of the play mats have a seamless connection and 10 edges. 1 single tile has a size of 60x60cm. Package content: 6 tiles.


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Do you have an account? Then you can see all your orders under your own account.
Do you have an account? Then you can see all your orders under your own account.


1. Go to the product of your choice. 2. Click on order. 3, Click on 'Continue shopping' to view the product range or click on 'Add to cart' to pay. Fill in all your details to continue the ordering process. 4. Making changes to your order is possible before the order is paid and confirmed. 5. You will receive an order confirmation in your mailbox if the order has been successfully placed.
In the event of a return, you must pay the return costs yourself.
Have the parcel delivered to an address where you are sure to be present on that day. The parcel may be offered to your neighbours, or it will be offered again the following day. If you are not at home at the second delivery attempt, the parcel will be taken to a collection point. You will be notified of this. The parcel will remain there for 7 days before it goes back to us.
You will receive a confirmation of the order in the mail, in which you will receive a track and trace so you can follow your order.
Orders placed before 4pm will be delivered the next working day.
All prices quoted include VAT at the Dutch rate (21%)
If you place an order and it is completed, and you want to change something, you can contact us by phone or email. Has your order already been sent? Then unfortunately we can no longer make changes to your order.
It is possible to pick up the order. This can be done by sending an e-mail or calling.
It is possible that this confirmation is in your spam folder. If it is not in your spam folder you may send an e-mail.
Yes we do! We ship worldwide and the shipping costs are calculated at checkout!


At the product dispcription and on the invoice that you receive by mail is an expected delivery time described. Then the products come in and soon your package will be sent! All confirmations will be sent to you by mail.
Before the expected delivery date you can always send an email to info@eeveve.com to add something to your order. After the expected delivery date this is no longer possible, because then your package is on its way to the specified delivery address.
On the confirmation of the order you will find the expected delivery date. If anything changes you will receive a message from us. When the pre-order arrives at our warehouse you will receive an update via email that your package has been shipped.